Designalism: a visual translation

Please let us share a very first impression.

22.11.2022  |  by Yifan Yaing  |  Designalism

To further solidify the ideas of Designalism, our dear colleague Yifan Yaing is working on a visual translation and explanation of Designalism.

#01 The in-between area

Designalism is the in-between area of design and journalism. An approach that offers opportunities to diversify media to better inform new audience(s).

#02 Design and journalism characteristics

In this image we aim to explain how design and journalism differ. Even more important is that in these areas design and journalism can reinforce and complement each other.

#03 Blurring boundaries

Designalism is blurring the boundaries between disciplines. So, designers, artists and journalists work across disciplines by partly crossing each other's fields.

#04 Tomorrow's approach

Designalism can be seen as a way of rethinking tomorrow's media (landscape), focusing on the development of new knowledge and relevant future skills.

#05 The Designalist

Designalists are a new generation of future-aware and driven designers and journalists who explore the boundaries of their field.