How has our view on certain news changed?

Find out with the 4-D installation from Cream on Chrome

01.11.2021  |  by Cato Verhoeven  |  Designalism

Cream on Chrome is a collaboration of Martina Huynh and Jonas Althaus. By showing news in an interactive way, they put recent media spectacles in a broader context. Their viewers explore socio-political questions in an intuitive and fun way.

4-D News is a two-part installation that put recent media spectacles in a broader context. Viewers can navigate the timeline with a physical arrow, which then reveals how quickly the style of reporting and meanings of events have changed over the years. With this installation, news consumers become news explorers.

On June 9 2021, ACED organised Designalism: Design + Journalism, a live talk show about the intersection of design and journalism. Watch the full show on our YouTube channel. This evening was in collaboration with Beeld en Geluid Den Haag.


Anouk Slingerland

Event Producer

Augustina Lavickaite

Intern Design

Cato Verhoeven

Intern Journalism

IJsbrand van Veelen


Jasper Schelling

Head of Technologies

Jonas Althaus


Martina Huynh


Mateo Broillet

Graphic Designer

Noortje van Eekelen

Creative Director